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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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a friday night surprise. president obama rolls through san francisco and makes an unannounced stop at a neighborhood restaurant. good evening, everyone. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. jeanne ellie is in san francisco, and exciting night in a usually quiet neighborhood.
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>> it is so quiet right here in presidio heights, and president obama stopped by here and people got and up close look at the security detail. he spent three hour ss having dinner right over there at spruce, and some diners didn't know he was eating there until they walked outside and saw the motorcade. >> reporter: president barack obama his motorcade and rolled through presidio neighborhood. he spent a few hours dining at spruce on sacramento street. >> i never would have imagined he was a half a block from where i lived. it is so exciting thing. >> reporter: and neighbors were so excited. >> we heard that president obama was at spruce and we rushed outside. >> reporter: and staffers were at a are russian hill home of jack and sandy peterson are
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where a seat started at $10,000. >> i can't believe it! >> reporter: susie seigel didn't pay a cent for the chance of a lifetime. >> i love him and i want to meet him and he should visit my kind er kinder garter er ingardners. >> these laws are making it more difficult for cyber security. >> and we only have to think of real-life examples air traffic control systems going down and disrupting flights or plunging cities into darkness. imagine what a set of systemic problems could do. >> reporter: he got some fund-raising and policy work done in this area where security
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was tight. the ptresident left the restaurant an hour ago back to the hotel where he is scheduled to leave the bay area back to palm springs. and not just the vips and the ceos, because he also met with 15 stanford student, and they were shocked not the see him. he talk ted about a variety of tommics, and he joekd about them studying for the midterm exams. >> we will talk more about the president's visit on the morning news and also more at bay area >> a man was hit and killed near the blossom hill station. no one else on the train was injured. blossom train station was closed between the oakridge mall area.
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and a 19-year-old man was shot on an overpass near 101 around 4:30 p.m. where peninsula avenue crosses over 101. the overpass was shutdown for hours tying ul up the traffic in the evening commute. the victim was rushed to the hospital where he is treated for critical injuries. they say they are making strides where where santa clara say that two people died of domestic violence cases last year which is the lowest rate in 20 years. in total, police responded to 3,873 domestic violence calls, and they say that the number is probably much higher though. >> and some people went to say "fifty shades of grey" but they also got a growing number of
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protesters. so there was a mixed reaction cheryl hurd? >> yes, people strolled into the movie theater, and they were not expected to with be met by protesters. >> reporter: it was a "fifty shades of grey" girls night out for these women in jack london square. >> it is about sexuality and it is good, and that is why we rare here. >> reporter: tay were here to have fun. >> women need liberation. >> 50 shades of degradation. >> reporter: but the women in front say there is nothing fun about the steamy release featuring bondage and degradation. >> movies like this about violent and degrading pornography is indoctrine nating that women are toys to be discarded. >> reporter: many are boycotting the movie. a movie expected to gross
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between $50 and $80 million this valentine's day weekend. after this couple saw the movie, they described it. >> she had the option to leave and so it is a touchy subject. >> reporter: touchy and tantalizing and some are hope hag the moviegoers are going to the stay away but others can't wait to see it. >> sexuality is open now, and two adults are consensual it should be okay. >> reporter: in case you didn't know "fifty shades of grey" is made by our parent company nbc universal and another protest is scheduled to take place here tomorrow on valentine's day. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd. a disturbing find in marin county. dozens of explosives inside of a woman's home in navarro. sheriff's believe that the pair is behind a series of explosions
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over the last week. in the south bay a sigh of relief in almaden valley after 80 burglaries are in the past month, police have arrested three people they believe were responsible for many of the break-ins. they are tight lipped but believe there may be more involved. a lot of the stolen property is recover and on the way back to the victims. all right. outside to san jose now, and a warm look in a february night, and in fact some places saw a record heat. and the record is coming with a warning for some of the beaches. >> e jeff ranieri is with us and crazy weather. >> yes 20 to 25 above the normal temperatures. napa and san ramon also at 80 with pacifica. and we are expecting the widespread 70s at the beaches and dangerous surfs and waves up
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to 10 feet, and the strong rip currents with that so if you are headed to the beach, full caution caution. again, in the full forecast in ten minute wes will talk about who is going to be reaching 82 de degrees. >> okay, jeff. it is al fresco dining across the bay area. and peggy bunker is downtown in san jose and valentine's day and restaurants are buzzing? >> yes you can say that again, raj. it is a taste of summer here shgs and the folks are enjoying the balmy temperatures and getting ready for the valentine's day, and if you are single and not excited about valentine this year, things could be worse, you could be in boston. >> and california food is good. >> reporter: well, of course, it is better when you are sitting outside in the 70 degree temps. >> so cold. >> freezing. >> reporter: having just land eded from snowy boston. >> 30 degrees and snow and now i
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am outside with wine in california amazing. >> reporter: while we are bask ing in record heat, boston is under another blizzard warning. >> we need the bread crumbs please. >> reporter: patio pubs are booming where the restaurants don't need the heat lamps. >> no need. we will turn them on later or if anyone is cold, but the weather has been this week i have turned them on maybe twice. >> reporter: lauren sudny and brooklyn they like the warm weather, too. >> el well, i like it, because i don't really like the cold. >> you can go to the beach in february wow. >> reporter: wow, indeed. the beach in february and absolute potszability. i can tell you that here on san pedro street we are seeing the short sleeve and no coats and no sign of winter whatsoever. in san jose i'm peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. there is no consequence if they don't pay. >> they worked for the money,
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but they were never paid. next at 11:00, we are investigating the wage trap and companies that are not paying. and what is keeping apples from going brown, but is it safe to eat? and a terrifying trend. and don't forget you can start with weather coverage with "today in the bay" starting tomorrow the at 7:00 a.m. our vision for partnering with more farmers, growers manufacturers is that eventually
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organic and natural will be the norm. for raley's that means a lot more organic and natural options on the shelf. and for our consumers, that means having a lot more affordable and readily available, healthy products to feed their families. sustainability is about making a difference in our community. it's about being happy, healthy and well for many years to come. to learn more, visit raley's family of stores on youtube.
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thousands of californians working for free, and it is not what they signed up for. it is called wage theft. >> this is employers shortchanging the employees. senior investigative reporter exposes the understood ground economy, and stephen, it is happening right here in the silicone eval valley? >> yes, we discovered that companies refused to pay their employees $27 million in wages, wages that they earned. and we found that they rarely see a dime of that money.
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>> i wasn't paid. >> reporter: not paid. >> did they pay you overtime? >> no. >> reporter: and overworked. >> there is no consequences if they don't pay. >> reporter: it is called wage theft, and it is happening here in the bay area, and around california. employers neglecting to pay their workers leaving the workers with nothing. >> so what why do they do this to me? i don't deserve it. priscilla worked 10 hours a day, and at a residential home for mentally ill clients at san jose. did you get paid overtime? >> no. >> but you worked it? >> yes. >> and you worked your 40 hours and then more? >> yes, sir. >> because you had to? >> yes, because phobe would relieve me. >> reporter: soriano file edd a complaint and the court ruled she was out $h 65,000, but she is not alone. we requested all of the wage claims filed with with the state dating back to 2010. we found that statewide in the
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last four years, courts and the labor commissions have ruled against 17000 different companies, and awarded workers $274 million. $81 million of those unpaid wages were from companies right here in the bay area. many of them repeat offenders. the crazy buffet have employees who have filed 18 different wage complaints against the restaurant, and the courts ruled in their favor in 17 case, and awarding the workers a total of half a million. and here's the data and we have tried to call and the phone has been disconnected, so we went there to get a explanation. you are listed as not paying the workers to the tune of $500,000. h but the man we were directed to denied to be the managerr or the yoepowner when we tried to ask him about it. and others such as the united meat company, and bottle nec napa, and others who have bneen
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ruled against in the labor commission and the courts. and according to the labor commissioncan commissioner, 60% of the companies that owe the employees go out of business or change their names. just because a court rules that a company owes the employee money, does not mean that the workers ever get paid. >> i feared that i would lose my job. >> reporter: miguel angel rodriguez worked for a restaurant and he spoke us to using an interpreter. >> translator: i feel that i was mistreated because they would make us work more time than we should have and they didn't pay the wages. >> reporter: the federal court agreed and said that he is owed over $35,000. >> it is a failure of the fundamental promise of the american dream. >> reporter: and a team at the american labor center obtained records from 2008 to 2011 and
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it does not skim the surface. their company says that the companies that were ruled against by the labor commission never paid the back wages. >> we were shocked to discover that 17% of those folks who received final judgments for unpaid wages collected a dime which means that 83% had nothing to show for their efforts. >> there san epidemic. >> reporter: ruth silver has been running a labor clinic to tackle these issues at the community law center. >> it is anti-competitive behavior. >> reporter: she says that dodging the wages are a competitive measure, because there is nothing that is done to them when they are ruled against. >> it is one of the greatest threats to pros parperity in california today. >> reporter: julie chu is as frustrated as anybody about
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these companies not paying the labor that is owed. >> we are fighting it, and issuing the citation and we cannot get them to pay. >> reporter: but she concedes that they have a long way to go and thousands of workers and million of dollars of wage theft still goes unpaid every year. >> still needs to be done and we need more to be done. >> do we need more enforcement here in california. >> yes my work is not done, and yes, we can do better, and we are striving to do better. >> right now under state law there are few consequences for the companies that don't pay. last year, there was a proposed law that would have changed that, but that failed to pass at the 11th hour. commissioner sue tells me that she is exploring filing criminal charges against the company owner, and none of the owners featured in our story that talked to us would comment for the record. if you want to learn more for the first time we are making
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all of the wage theft data available for you online. just go to the website back the you. >> thank you, stephen f. you have a tip for steven or anyone in the investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit@nbc and our chief meteorologist is back with us as we head into the holiday weekend. it is friday night and we have a lot of sunshine ahead of us. >> i was going to say, if you haven't heard, it is going to be dry and sunny. and we are getting new information coming into the weather department that we may see a region of high pressure sitting across for the next 14 days, so a prolonged stretch of the again, some of the above-average weather, and see what they have in the south bay with gilroy at 80 and napa at 80 and south bay at 78 and san francisco at 76 an walnut creek
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at 75. wild and wacky and unusual. so going into the morning forecast as we go to saturday, it is going to be clear here and moes of the temperature ss in the upper 40s and 50s, but we are going to be likely seeing some of the coolest temperatures in marin and napa counties. you will need a jacket to start out, but the microcast shows that we will catapult by the afternoon and see the numbers 20 to 25 degrees above our averages. san jose should just be at 61 degrees this time of the year, and we are forecasting 81. morgan hill 82. and palo alto, 80, and so the reason that palo alto and pacifica will have the same temperature is the fact that they have dry offshore winds coming from the north and the east. so it is not the colder and the westerly wind coming from pacifica and that is why the beaches will be warming up. and with the marie rena at 74 and back towards downtown at 78.
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and for the north bayh and the east bay and the tri valley it just continues and hard to believe it is going to be this warm. the computer models are showing it, a harnd to believe it is february. and napa is 82 tomorrow. santa the rosa is 80, and mill valley, 74, and cooler there, and the slight wind off of the bay, and you will see them slightly down at walnut and dapville is 77 as with well as pleasanton. and you can see the forecast with the region of high pressure keeping the dry weather for valentine's day on saturday, but sunday, monday, and tuesday and also into wednesday of next week. we are still looking into the temperatures of 10 degrees by next week. and that is a relative cooldown, and san francisco all of the way into the 70ed for -- 70s for tuesday. and then for the beach weather we are talking about that, look at this, as we head to saturday and sunday the bodega bay and
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the ocean beach, that is a 1 in 10-day event here in the bay area in a six-month period. and again, rare weather coming our way, and pacifica and santa kruize and caramel also at 82. and the beach is not your thing this week, and into next week, check it out at lake tahoe, sunny weather next week and temperatures in the 50s. we got snow last week, but it is melting awayk and withoutt the snow at the week you will find something to do, and i'm guessing. >> and good guess, and 11:00 a.m. and we are going to be taking it to the beach. >> you are driving? >> yes. >> and now we know. >> still ahead ice pops may not be enough, because apple is getting into the car business. we will share details with you. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, raj and jessica, we will have samuel l. jackson and thank you notes with jesse jay.
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an apple a day that keeps the brown away, and would you eat a genetically modified fruit? a modified apple that does not bruise or brown has been approved for planting in the u.s. the canadian company work on the apple says lit cut s lits it will cut down on the food waste, but it has to be approved before it is sold in stores. and apple employees are working on a secret electric minivan. apple is facing off against the google driverless cars, but others believe that apple is trying to figure out how the sbet sbetter integrate their technology into the cars. and jim harbaugh breaks his
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good ooefevening, geraud moncure here in the comcast sports studios. tomorrow steph curry will be en the tering the three-point
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contest with one of the favorites as is klay thompson as one of the best since the competition competition's inception. >> who is a better shooter, you or him? >> oh, me, by far. and he would probably say him. >> well, this is the best field, and i want to beat steph, because i want the bragging rights over him for years. and it is going to be a great contest, and you know, i think that it is -- i'm really excited for it. >> and it should be awesome. and just when you thought that the dust had set mld the jim harbaugh divorce, new dirty details on the split comes out. harbaugh told the tim that it was not mutual at all. >> i was told that i would not be the coach at all, and he said that they were going to be
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putting the 49ers in a position to have a coach they didn't want anymore. but that's that's the truth of it. i didn't leave the 49ers, and i felt like the 49er hierarchy left me. and in the desert, the sharks and todd mclellan looking for win 42. barclay gaudreau fired one to look for mcclellan's 300th coaching vicktory. the sharks win 4-2, and matt cain and buster posey, and the team is tied for 18in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works.
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all right. tell me if this works with you, trapped in a room with one hour to get out. it is a new craze. a new form of entertainment as people are locked in one room and given 60 minutes to figure a way out. you and your group must solve puzzles, and challenges to break free. if you don't make it out, you have your picture with a sign that says "loser." >> oh, that is like being at the anchor desk. >> oh, no.
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we love our jobs here. >> and what about a beach outing? >> yes you can get outside and enjoy, and san jose, 81 and 20 to 25 degrees above average tomorrow. and in san francisco along with all of the 70s through next tuesday, and cooling by next wednesday wednesday, and that is relative and it won't get that cool, and by the beaches, you will have awesome weather lu the next couple of days saturday and sunday, and 70s in ocean beach, and 80s in pacifica and santa kruize -- santa cruz and the surf's up. >> happy valentine's day. of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- samuel l. jackson norman reedus musical guest, jessie j


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